panda project

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Panda Project are Beatrice Cevolani, Hendry Proni and Delia Trice.
In 2010 the group is enriched by the presence and collaboration of Gabriele Malavasi technician and musician.

In our shows/performances we have pursued, right from the beginning, a research that revolves around the roles of the
artist per se, of the reseptacle of performance, plays, shows; of the public and of the spectator as the live element that
distigushes a live performance from other forms of art.
We ha ve chosen to prod all of these elements overturning and deconstruicting roles by provoking, with irony.

Panda Project is a theater company based in Ravenna (IT) founded in 2009 by three actors. Coming from different artistic paths (academic, performance, street theatre) for years we have worked in theaters, national and international festivals in collaboration with various artists like ALDES-Roberto Castello, Koine, Teatro Due Mondi, Effetto Larsen, Mr Arkadin & Zeranta Edutainment.
The conjunction of different imaginations and sensibilities provoked a short circuit that demolished our artistic certainties propelling us in the abyss of irony and provocation.
As independent group other roles were adopted depending on personal inclination and studies: Beatrice Cevolani is the public face (Pr and organizer), Hendry Proni is the writing hand (dramaturg), Delia Trice is the style (graphics and costume) of Panda Project.
All of our projects are collective works.