Vlado | pandaproject



Vlado is a smart, entertaining, ironic show.
Meant for all audiences, it is an outdoor venue (street, public squares, parks) but two of the three chapters can be performed also indoor.
The showʼs duration is 45 minutes, divided in three chapters of 10/15 minutes each.
The public can be standing or seated.
The chapters can be split in 3 independent acts, performed several times a day.
Vlado is a series composed by conceived chapters (or episodes) in which we explore peopleʼs choices to entertain/challenge themselves, some enjoy concerts and theater, some good food, other are sports slaves or internet addicts… We explore these predilections without judgment but
pushing a bit toward the limit of what has become customary and acceptable. Since we really enjoy this type of research, Vlado will have many more chapters.